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Mar 25, 2011

Ana Dilemma

Anorexia’s Dilemma

Anorexia, one of the most commented themes in thoughts, why? The pro and anti Ana community doesn’t seem to find a happy medium. I’m one of those people trapped in the middle of the battle. A useless fight that leads to nothing as I’ve already explain my vision or ideas, fight against anti and pro, guide others into better diets like Atkins or a guilt-free ride to eating. So, I’ve also said many times that I will retire from this, that I’m done…but let’s face it: I am Ana.

So, for everyone that is like: WTF? Here’s something I know lots of Anas agreed with:

1- Anorexia: this is a disease

2- Pro-Ana is a lifestyle

So, it seems pretty easy, right? Wrong!

Here are a few things you should know:

The term pro-Ana and its movement begin in 2001 under the idea or statements that ‘Ana’ is a lifestyle choice rather than a disease. The movement has been changing constantly and right now it’s been divided by Pro-Ana per se and what’s become more commonly known as “A” girls, referring mostly to The A Principle book of ideas and new movement and symbols…

Now, if you are a 100% secure that ‘Ana’ refers only as a short for Anorexia, think again. The term Ana in fact started as a friendly term for Anorexia however the term has been also use to refer a diet of 500 calories or less. Now, the paths of Pro-Ana have been changed due to the misunderstanding of the terms and also because of the bad fame the name is getting.

Differences of Pro-Ana and A girls

1- Pro-Ana: although the term is commonly use by A girls, the separation of both has distinguish Ana as a more obsessive person dying to be thin. These are sometimes classified as possible anorexics and their goals are way under-weight. Their thinspo is extreme and are developing dangerous routines; also their message is very unhealthy to younger girls and boys.

2- A girls: (also boys, BTW) this is a reference to the use of thinspo, people who do occasionally fast, stay under 500 calories sometimes but don’t fear food, their goal are realistic and exercise. These are the ones that are considered: ‘extreme dieters’ but don’t send the wrong messages.

Although similar, the differences are gigantic.

Now, for all Anti-Anas: Sometimes Ana is been label or judge very hard, when it’s been misread. Yes, I know Anorexia is deadly…for those few that honesty cares THANK YOU. But, please make sure to know the differences because we don’t need more judgment.

In my case, my husband knows it but like I said, I’m an A girl and not anorexic. I’ll never put my weight before my life.

Hope this blog will help a little bit, to easy this continue fight. We all need a friend, this is our place to go without judgment.

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  1. I am so mad that you still have to be justifying our choices havent they heard of free will.

  2. I miss you too. whats going on with you
    made it to 170 but i have been purgeing and doing a lot of workout.

  3. hey there!
    Just want to say how much I love this blog! I feel understood without judgment. It makes me feel like Ana is not so awful as pictured by everyone, at least my style.