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Mar 29, 2011

Diet Tips

When it comes to losing weight is not only an Ana issue, it’s a common issue. So, perhaps one might work for you.

Diet Tip No. 1: The oldest trick on the Book: Drink plenty of water or other calorie-free beverages while trying to avoid diet sodas.

People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. So you can end up eating extra calories when an ice-cold glass of water is really what you need.

If you don't like plain water, try adding citrus or a splash of juice, or brew infused teas like mango or peach, which have lots of flavor but no calories.

Water trick: a warm glass of water helps destroy craving.

Did you know?

When you're done eating, you should feel better -- not stuffed, bloated, or tired.

Your stomach is only the size of your fist, so it takes just a handful of food to fill it comfortably.

Keeping your portions reasonable will help you get more in touch with your feelings of hunger and fullness.

Diet Tip: Be choosy about nighttime snacks.

Mindless eating occurs most frequently after dinner, when you finally sit down and relax.

We over-eat without noticing it or as a routine, CUT it out!

Either close down the kitchen after a certain hour, or allow yourself a low-calorie snack, like a 100-calorie pack of cookies or cup of yogurt.

Chocolate Dream:

God created fat free chocolate whipped cream...delicious! Freeze it with yogurt for a chocolate that’s 15 calories!

Diet Tip: Eat protein at every meal.

Protein is more satisfying than carbohydrates or fats, and thus may be the new secret weapon in weight control.

"Diets higher in protein [and] moderate in carbs, along with a lifestyle of regular exercise, have an excellent potential to help weight loss," says University of Illinois protein researcher Donald Layman, PhD.

Getting enough protein helps preserve muscle mass and encourages fat burning while keeping you feeling full. So be sure to include healthy protein sources, like yogurt, cheese, nuts, or beans, at meals and snacks.

Diet Tip: The Power of Spices

Add spices or chilies to your food for a flavor boost that can help you feel satisfied.

"Food that is loaded with flavor will stimulate your taste buds and be more satisfying so you won't eat as much," says Perdomo.

Did you know? Pepper helps you feel fuller, salt retains water, mustard accelerates your metabolism, and honey slows your metabolism...

Diet Tip: Stock your kitchen with healthy convenience foods.

Having ready-to-eat snacks and meals-in-minutes staples on hand sets you up for success. You'll be less likely to hit the drive-through or call in a pizza order if you can make a healthy meal in 5 or 10 minutes.

Sass stocks her kitchen with:

• 94% fat-free microwave popcorn (20-25 calories per cup, and you can make it in two minutes or less)

• Frozen vegetables

• Bags of pre-washed greens

• Yogurt

• Whole-grain wraps or pitas

• Pre-cooked grilled chicken breasts

Best Diet Tip: Be physically active.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, don't use exercise either to punish yourself for eating or to "earn" the right to eat more.

"When you do, it sets up a negative thought pattern, which is why so many people say they hate to exercise," says May.

Instead, focus on how great you feel, how much better you sleep and how much more energy you have when you exercise. Physical activity is good for you whether you are trying to lose weight or not, so keep it positive and build a lifelong habit.

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Mar 25, 2011

Ana Dilemma

Anorexia’s Dilemma

Anorexia, one of the most commented themes in thoughts, why? The pro and anti Ana community doesn’t seem to find a happy medium. I’m one of those people trapped in the middle of the battle. A useless fight that leads to nothing as I’ve already explain my vision or ideas, fight against anti and pro, guide others into better diets like Atkins or a guilt-free ride to eating. So, I’ve also said many times that I will retire from this, that I’m done…but let’s face it: I am Ana.

So, for everyone that is like: WTF? Here’s something I know lots of Anas agreed with:

1- Anorexia: this is a disease

2- Pro-Ana is a lifestyle

So, it seems pretty easy, right? Wrong!

Here are a few things you should know:

The term pro-Ana and its movement begin in 2001 under the idea or statements that ‘Ana’ is a lifestyle choice rather than a disease. The movement has been changing constantly and right now it’s been divided by Pro-Ana per se and what’s become more commonly known as “A” girls, referring mostly to The A Principle book of ideas and new movement and symbols…

Now, if you are a 100% secure that ‘Ana’ refers only as a short for Anorexia, think again. The term Ana in fact started as a friendly term for Anorexia however the term has been also use to refer a diet of 500 calories or less. Now, the paths of Pro-Ana have been changed due to the misunderstanding of the terms and also because of the bad fame the name is getting.

Differences of Pro-Ana and A girls

1- Pro-Ana: although the term is commonly use by A girls, the separation of both has distinguish Ana as a more obsessive person dying to be thin. These are sometimes classified as possible anorexics and their goals are way under-weight. Their thinspo is extreme and are developing dangerous routines; also their message is very unhealthy to younger girls and boys.

2- A girls: (also boys, BTW) this is a reference to the use of thinspo, people who do occasionally fast, stay under 500 calories sometimes but don’t fear food, their goal are realistic and exercise. These are the ones that are considered: ‘extreme dieters’ but don’t send the wrong messages.

Although similar, the differences are gigantic.

Now, for all Anti-Anas: Sometimes Ana is been label or judge very hard, when it’s been misread. Yes, I know Anorexia is deadly…for those few that honesty cares THANK YOU. But, please make sure to know the differences because we don’t need more judgment.

In my case, my husband knows it but like I said, I’m an A girl and not anorexic. I’ll never put my weight before my life.

Hope this blog will help a little bit, to easy this continue fight. We all need a friend, this is our place to go without judgment.

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Mar 6, 2011

March Project days 4-5

Day 4: It is good, I walked 3 miles! :) more time, my legs hurted but I didn't care. Mind over matter. Ate crab salad :) and drink one coffee to kill the headache.

Day 5: Today, ok so far. I hate the weekends, are harder because the family visits and so on.

Gonna be poting more info. :)

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Mar 5, 2011

My Poetry

My poetry page!

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The high fiber foods list with fiber content below can help reduce your risk of constipation, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, obesity, colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease.


Fresh & Dried Fruit Serving Size Fiber (g)

Apples with skin

1 medium



3 medium


Apricots, dried

4 pieces



1 medium



1 cup


Cantaloupe, cubes

1 cup


Figs, dried

2 medium



1/2 medium


Orange, navel

1 medium



1 medium


Peaches, dried

3 pieces



1 medium



1 medium



1.5 oz box



1 cup



1 cup


Grains, Beans, Nuts & Seeds

Serving Size Fiber (g)


1 oz


Black beans, cooked

1 cup


Bran cereal

1 cup


Bread, whole wheat

1 slice


Brown rice, dry

1 cup



1 oz


Flax seeds

3 Tbsp.


Garbanzo beans, cooked

1 cup


Kidney beans, cooked

1 cup


Lentils, red cooked

1 cup


Lima beans, cooked

1 cup


Oats, rolled dry

1 cup


Quinoa (seeds) dry

1/4 cup


Quinoa, cooked

1 cup


Pasta, whole wheat

1 cup



1 oz


Pistachio nuts

1 oz


Pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup


Soybeans, cooked

1 cup


Sunflower seeds

1/4 cup



1 oz


Vegetables Serving Size Fiber (g)

Avocado (fruit)

1 medium


Beets, cooked

1 cup


Beet greens

1 cup 4.2

Bok choy, cooked

1 cup 2.8

Broccoli, cooked

1 cup 4.5

Brussels sprouts, cooked

1 cup 3.6

Cabbage, cooked

1 cup 4.2


1 medium


Carrot, cooked

1 cup


Cauliflower, cooked

1 cup


Cole slaw

1 cup


Collard greens, cooked

1 cup


Corn, sweet

1 cup


Green beans

1 cup



1 stalk


Kale, cooked

1 cup


Onions, raw

1 cup


Peas, cooked

1 cup


Peppers, sweet

1 cup


Pop corn, air-popped

3 cups


Potato, baked w/ skin

1 medium


Spinach, cooked

1 cup


Summer squash, cooked

1 cup


Sweet potato, cooked

1 medium


Swiss chard, cooked

1 cup



1 medium


Winter squash, cooked

1 cup


Zucchini, cooked

1 cup


Taken From: http://commonsensehealth.com/Diet-and-Nutrition/List_of_High_Fiber_Foods.shtml

(Awesome site, check it out!)

Body Adiposity Index (BAI)

Experts have developed a new system to tell people if they're too fat, and it's probably more flexible than the traditional body mass index or BMI ratio.

Researchers at the University of Southern California have devised a system called the Body Adiposity Index (BAI), which relies on one's height and hip measurements as opposed to the height and weight ratio of the BMI system. This new method, which is outlined in a report in the journal Obesity, can be used in a clinical setting as well as in remote locations where reliable scales aren't available.

BMI, which has been used to measure body fat for the past 200 years, is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters squared. And it classifies a person who is five feet, five inches tall and weighs 150 pounds as overweight. That person would be classified as obese at 180 pounds.

"The problem with BMI is it doesn't take into account that a person may be an athlete or a fitness expert," Dr. Michael Wolfe, chair of medicine at The MetroHealth System and professor of medicine at Case Western Reserve Medical Center, told AOL Health. "Someone with higher muscle mass will have a higher weight. BAI tells you more than just weight; it also tells you composition of weight."

BMI measurement may not be consistent either when applied to different nationalities or even lifestyle groups. For instance, an athlete cannot be compared to a couch potato, and African Americans may have a different body build from Caucasians. Men and women, too, can have the same BMI but very different amounts of body fat.

But doctors can use the BAI system to measure body fat for adult men and women of different cultural backgrounds without numerical correction. In addition, BAI can be measured without stepping on the scales, which could be useful in situations where measuring accurate body weight is difficult. Doctors can calculate a person's BAI with something as simple as a calculator, too, just as with the traditional BMI measurement.

Researchers are not certain, however, if BAI is necessarily a more reliable measure.

But it may be one more resource that health-care professionals can use to determine people's risk for obesity-related diseases. "Once we are able to validate [BAI's] usefulness, we will be able to use it next to the BMI system," Wolfe says.

One in 10 people worldwide are now considered obese, and in the U.S., estimates project 10 percent of all medical costs can be traced to health problems caused by obesity.

*Taken from: http://www.aolhealth.com/2011/03/04/new-method-measures-obesity-without-using-scale/?icid=main%7Chp-laptop%7Cdl5%7Csec1_lnk3%7C204698

Mar 4, 2011

March Project Day 4

Wow, four days already gone. Today was ok, I eat around 250 calories in a chicken salad. The problem is that I hurted my leg in aerobics class and I don't feel too good. Cross your fingers, hopefully is nothing serious and I can go back to class. Going to the doctor tomorrow.

How are you doing betternothere?

Gotta keep ourselves motivated, because now are the days more difficult as we will now feel the hungriness.

The good news? Soon the cravings will be gone! *Happy Dance*

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Mar 3, 2011

March Project Day 2

Day 2:
 Ok, so today was good. Ate some more salad and boiled crab. I got this weird seafood obssession, IDK
Walked 2 more miles and did some exercise. Although, I'm planning to start with the elastic bands, I love those exercise. Feels good and are good. Gonna check the best exercises for Abs, Arms and so on.

:) keeping ourselves motivated is the best and ONLY way to succeed! ;)

*All content of this blog is the property of its creator, protected by applicable copyright law, and is not to be used without permission.

Mar 2, 2011


When Ana eats

I just had a thought, which occurs fairly often, about life and food. What happen when we eat? It’s just food; it’s just fuel, right?

No, it isn’t. Food is that stupid bridge that crosses you to fatness. It’s not even the food but the chemicals and alterations. The things that destroy you and since obesity is so appealing…

Anyways, here’s a little Ana poem

Ana Eats

She bites her lips and laughs inside,

She comes, control and then she hides,

One more lie before the day turns dark,

Another day, another battle that starts too fast…

She open her eyes, inside she dies

Look in the mirror, the one that doesn’t lie,

Step on the scale, scream inside

Exercise more, work harder…

When Ana eat her tear, the overload disappear

When Ana flies away, the goal is near

She comes and goes, until you are in control

When Ana eat, you turn real…

*All content of this blog is the property of its creator, protected by applicable copyright law, and is not to be used without permission.

March Project: Day 1

Day 1:
 Today was fasting day, went ok. I ended up haveing some boil salad which the calories are so minimal that it's ok. For some reason boiled lettuce tastes better. IDK
 I walked for 2 miles, that was cool. Couldn't make it to the Gym though, but I will tomorrow.
I have a light headache and my stomatch hurts, I don't mind the pain because it taste like victory! and control!
So, plan for tom?
Veggies and protein, one small meal before 3:00pm because then my body can work it off!

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