Warning: adult content.
This is a Pro-Ana Page to share our stories, tricks and for motivation.

No haters will be allow.

First of all: Welcome

"Anorexia may be a harmful activity. We do not encourage this activity. Should you feel that you have a problem, feel unhealthy, or need help, please talk to someone that can help you through this"*
First off, I am not a health professional and what is on this site should not to be construed as giving medical or professional advice in any shape, form or fashion.
This is a pro-Ana site and some content may be considered adult content, reason why there is a warning before you are able to "read me".

Now that it's said: Welcome, once again, to my page

I've been doing changes for a better organize website. The "Home" page will not be use to publish every new blog I create, go to the tags and there will be most of the stuff. Read the comments as there will be my updates regarding that subject.
I do this because I dislike that the new blogs appear as soon as you enter my page and people will be like WTF?

Feel free to write a comment or post anything you want!


Pro Ana Symbols, Colors and Prayer

* Red is associated with anorexia
* Blue is associated with bulimia

* Light Blue is associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and depression

* Green is associated with binge-eating

* Black is associated with self harmer, including cutters

* Pink is associated with Cancer

* Yellow is associated with hope and strength

* Orange is associated with recovery

* Purple and Orange have been adopted for the M.A.D.E. diet and community.

Pro-Mia blue go on the right wrist; while Pro-Ana red goes on the left wrist.



  1. Blue Dragonfly is the animal related to Pro-Ana.

  2. BTW: Ana/Mia b-day is January 16!

  3. Why is it a blue dragonfly when red is ana color?

  4. maybe because at some point, all ana's binge alittle and purge. every ana has alittle mia in them.

  5. I spoke to Ana once. I saw her ember eyes and crimson hair, the spirit of fire, passion, and destruction. She whispered to me this prayer I will not forget,

    "I invoke thee Ana
    Help me learn how to survive on little as my ancestors had
    I invoke thee Ana
    Fill me with the fiery passion to accomplish all that I try
    I invoke thee Ana
    Fill me with the cleansing fire of your spirit
    And burn away all the excess self-hatred that destroys my spiritual body...
    Burn away all the excess toxins that destroys my emotional body...
    Burn away all the excess fat that destroys my physical body...
    I invoke thee Ana
    Purify me and make me a stronger woman than I was yesterday..."

  6. I want to get a blue dragonfly tattoo. However, for job purposes, I want to get it on my left shoulder instead of left wrist. Do you think it still shows my pro-Ana faith?

  7. I don't want to do this anymore. I want to be healthy, happy, and ED free.

    1. I do to...but I don't know how...

    2. I love my ED. I dont want to go back to being fat.

  8. seit ihr alle gestört ?