Warning: adult content.
This is a Pro-Ana Page to share our stories, tricks and for motivation.

No haters will be allow.

First of all: Welcome

"Anorexia may be a harmful activity. We do not encourage this activity. Should you feel that you have a problem, feel unhealthy, or need help, please talk to someone that can help you through this"*
First off, I am not a health professional and what is on this site should not to be construed as giving medical or professional advice in any shape, form or fashion.
This is a pro-Ana site and some content may be considered adult content, reason why there is a warning before you are able to "read me".

Now that it's said: Welcome, once again, to my page

I've been doing changes for a better organize website. The "Home" page will not be use to publish every new blog I create, go to the tags and there will be most of the stuff. Read the comments as there will be my updates regarding that subject.
I do this because I dislike that the new blogs appear as soon as you enter my page and people will be like WTF?

Feel free to write a comment or post anything you want!


Ana Vs. The World

The Word will never understand the pro-Ana movement because they assume that it's the same thing as Anorexia, which we know it's not.

How to change the minds of those who attack us? Is impossible and we shouldn't have too anyways, but as long as the world keep their minds set like they have there's nothing to do but find ourselves in the community online.



Another day and the world keeps working the same way. It might be annoying sometimes as the ppl who actually realize about Ana get like on our last nerves and everything turns about food. Ever notice how they want you to over-eat and they eat hardly anything at all? Is quite frustrating because we get to be the center of the drama. Besides, nothing is what it seems. 

Pro Ana seems to cause a big chaos whenever someone hears it! It's kinda funny actually because they assume that we are the ignorant, stupid girls and that they are right simply because they say so. Pro Ana is a community and the times are changing! We are making a statement!

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