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Calories & Stuff

Calorie burning

The number of calories burned during a day depends on various factors. Some factors we can control like exercising more or working harder, others we have less control over like the metabolism and which fuel cells use for energy. However, it's quite possible to control the latter two factors!
Think about the calories burned with the following facts: *

1.The faster we move the more calories burned

2.The more effort we put into a movement the more calories we burn

3.A heavier person will experience greater calorie burning than lighter individuals during movement - more effort to move extra weight

4.The more muscle / lean weight we possess the more calories burned even at rest - more cell mass to maintain!

5.Increasing fitness levels increases amount of fat calories burned during most movements

the point is
•less contracting cells = less calories burned
•more contracting muscle cells = more calories burned during exercise


That exercise increases the BMR is a well known weight loss fact, but did you know that some exercises will cause the body to continue burning calories at a higher rate after the exercise is finished? The amount depends on how hard and how long you exercise. For example, a 154 pound person running 8 mph will burn 320 calories in 20 minutes. If that same person walks 3 mph for an hour, she will burn only 235 calories. Walking or jogging will restore the BMR within 60 minutes, meaning that, at best, you will lose 10-30 additional calories during your recovery period. Low-intensity exercise training does have a plus side. Studies have shown that fat oxidation increases by 40%. High-intensity exercise training, on the other hand, does not affect fat oxidation, but you will continue burning calories at the accelerated rate well into the next morning. So which form of exercise should you choose? Experts say that low-intensity exercise is preferable because the risk of musculoskeletal injuries is lower and you are more likely to stay with a low intensity exercise program.
( Read more: http://www.weightlossforall.com/calories-burned.htm#ixzz179y6JPVZ  )


  1. Ana's PriestessMay 1, 2012 at 8:16 AM

    As Ana states, food is energy, it keeps you alive and fuels up the body that you were designed to use. It is not for pleasure nor to become drunk with. It is not a past time (with the exception of preparing, not devouring). Remember, food is fuel. Pleasure should be rare. The idea of food being a reward must be broken if you are to succeed at your endeavor.

  2. I live in a community that worships food. Every holiday, birthday, retirement party involve much eaing and drinking. I've arrived in Dorne at the start of festivius and thus far have been able abstain from my excessive behavior. I feel good and have a lot of energy!! What is wrong with that? Those very people who critize me for losing too much weight are the ones who to my face tell me how great I look. Keeps me on a roller coaster.